What to expect during a treatment?

On arrival for your first treatment, there will be an in-depth, confidential consultation form that we will fill in together. This will enable me to customise your treatment plan making sure it suits your individual, physical and emotional needs. The first session will normally last 1½ hours.

Depending on your needs and your expectations, further treatments may vary in duration (approx one hour per session) and may be spaced over days, weeks or months. This will be discussed in the initial consultation.

What to expect after a treatment?

The aim of reflexology is to bring about balance and many people have an immense feeling of relaxation and well-being after a treatment. You may experience some reactions within 48 hours of treatment, such as more frequent urination/bowel movements or a change in energy levels. This is perfectly normal and all the reactions you may experience are positive and part of the healing process, and show that your body has responded to the treatment.

I advise clients to drink plenty of water after treatment as this will help with the healing process.

Terms and conditions

Please provide 24hr notice for cancellation/changes to appointments or this may result in a charge.

There will be no requirement for any intimate areas of body, to be uncovered.

Payments is cash or personal cheque only, payments by PayPal accepted where Wi-Fi is available.

Sara Davies reflexology does not claim to cure any conditions. Sara Davies reflexology does not diagnose any medical conditions, illnesses or diseases. Reflexology is not a replacement for prescribed medication, medical examinations, diagnosis or medical treatment given by a healthcare practitioner. Sara Davies Reflexology is a clinical complementary treatment that works in conjunction with traditional medical practices.

Any aftercare advice given, is taken at your responsibility and used at your own risk. It is your responsibility to inform Sara Davies reflexology of true and accurate details of any medical or physical conditions you may have, and you will also need to keep Sara Davies reflexology up to date of any changes in your condition, by signing a health questionnaire.

All reflexology professional standards are adhered too, and all sessions are fully confidential.